Jorge Rocca

Jorge Rocca
+1 (970) 491-8371

University Distinguished Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Physics

Director of the Advanced Beam Laboratory

Curriculum Vitae

  • High density laser-created plasma physics
  • High intensity near infrared lasers
  • Extreme Ultraviolet and Soft X-Ray Lasers

Carmen Menoni
+1 (970) 491-8659

University Distinguished Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Chemistry, School of Advanced Material Discovery and of Biomedical Engineering

Director of the Advanced Thin Film Laboratory

Curriculum Vitae

  • Extreme ultraviolet/soft x-ray photonics: nanoscale structural and chemical imaging
  • Photonic thin film coatings
  • Ion beam sputtering
  • Thin film metrology

Mario Marconi
+1 (970) 491-8299

Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Curriculum Vitae

  • Extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray photonics: nano-scale patterning and holography

+1 (970) 491-8565

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Industry Liaison and Education Director, Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Science and Technology

LaserNet US Coordinator


Current Group Members

Graduate Students

Han Chi (ECE)

Aaron Davenport (CE)

Kristian Dehne (ECE)

Adam Moreau (ECE)

Emmett Randel (Physic)

Lydia Rush (ECE)

Hanchen Wang (Physics)

Le Yang (Chemistry)

Post-Doctoral Fellows 

Mariana Fazio
Reed Hollinger 

Research Scientists

Vladimir Chykov, PhD

Ela Jankowska, PhD

Huanyu Song, PhD

Shoujun Wang, PhD

Yong Wang, PhD

Visiting Scholars

Jan Crvcek (Hilase)

Maria Aranzazu Garcia Iribar (TECNUN)

Undergraduate Students

Jacqueline Clark

Lilly Quintana 

Senior Design Students 

Sam Carlson, Hassan Althuani, Tim Roberts, Chris Wood

Peter Rhodes, Angel Sanchez