Optical Coatings for Ultra-High Intensity Lasers

Interference coatings for ultra-high intensity near infrared lasers

This work is motivated by the present efforts in chirped pulse amplification near infrared lasers.  Interference coatings on critical components fail at extremely low fluence, thus limiting power extraction from the amplifiers.  We use ion beam sputtering to produce  thin film multilayers of amorphous oxides We specialize in understanding the materials optical and structural properties and in optimizing them to achieve high laser damage resistance.   Understanding the laser damage behavior of these coatings structures is paramount to increasing laser pulse energy.

 High reflector with quarter wave layers (HL)30L designed for  λ=1030 nm

Current Projects

  • Control of stress in multilayer Dielectric Oxides for adaptive optics
  • Interference Coatings for Near Infrared Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers

Selected publications


DoE Office of Naval Research, Department of Energy Accelerator Program