New Employees

Resources for New CSU Employees in the College of Engineering

By the time a new employee arrives to Colorado State University, s/he must have secured an electronic identification card (EiD).  

The following is a TO DO list indicating how your employment is activated:

  1. Visit ECE employer coordinator Alauna Sutton  in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.  On main campus, office B104.
  2.  Ms Sutton will point to the next steps that will likely be to visit CSU Human Resources
  3. Foreign nationals need to visit CSU Office of  International Programs (
  4. With the EiD obtain an computer account with Engineering following this link:
  5. Take the safety tests

Get Your CSU eID

Get Your RAMCard

Get Your Engineering Account

Every CSU student and employee must have an eID. Choose Get an eID to set one up. The process is simple: first we will ask a few identification questions, then you will pick a password and other details, and your eID will be created.

The RamCard is your all-access pass to Colorado State University. You can use it to pay for items on campus, gain access to secured spaces, attend events and programs, and so much more. 

Students, staff and faculty in the College of Engineering have a computer account that provides access to the College computer network. If you do not currently have an engineering account, create one here.