State-of-the-art facilities host high energy near infrared ultrashort pulse lasers that have achieved record performance, advanced thin film growth and characterization and novel nano-metrology that employs  EUV/SXR lasers.

Petawatt-Class Target Area

Petawatt class Ti:SA Laser

Petawatt-class Ti:Sapphire laser system operating at rep rate up to 3.3 Hz.  Second harmonic beam line provides ultra-high contrast pulses at intensities > 1021 W/cm2.


Advanced Beam Laboratory Laser Lab 2

High Average Power Diode Pump Laser

Chirped pulse amplification Yb:YAG  diode pumped kilowatt average power high pulse energy laser.  

One application of this laser is to pump extreme ultraviolet lasers. 


Advanced performance thin-film coatings

Advanced High Performance Thin Film Coatings

Ion beam sputtering of thin film amophous oxides.

Optical characterization and spectroscopy of amorphous oxides.

Laser damage testing capabilities.


Extreme Ultraviolet and Soft X-ray Laser Applications

Discharge driven plasma-based Extreme Ultraviolet Laser.

Optically driven plasma based soft x-ray lasers.

Application testbeds.