Dense plasma diagnostics with EUV laser light

Diagnostics of high density plasmas


Selected Publications

  1. A. Purvis, J. Grava, J. Filevich, D.P. Ryan, S.J. Moon, J. Dunn, V.N. Shlyaptsev, and J. J. Rocca, “Collimation of dense plasma jets created by low-energy laser pulses and studied with soft x-ray laser interferometry”. Physical Review E. 81036408, (2010).10.1103/PhysRevE.81.036408.
  2. Filevich, M. Purvis, J. Grava, D.P. Ryan, J. Dunn, S.J. Moon, V.N. Shlyaptsev, and J. J. Rocca, “Bow shocks formed by plasma collisions in laser irradiated semi-cylindrical cavities”. High Energy Density Physics. 5(2009).10.1016/j.hedp.2009.04.003.


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